I Miss You

fabric, Lax | 2022

I missed one person and reconized the 'Fireworks' I wanted to see with him. According to my experience, 'Fireworks' is a scene where you can feel the emotion completely only when you see it in person at that moment. However, there are already countless images of fireworks on the Internet. I realized more deeply that I couldn't share the moment with the person I missed because of the somewhat of a difference I felt when that countless light image of the Internet was connected together.

This work is drawing, and the process of the work is to mark the QR code on a black Fabrik and spray the Lax little by little to make the QR look better. In conclusion, it is a work that does not matter much whether a QR code is recognized or not. To recognize the QR of this work, anyone can type <Firework> in the Google search box.